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Zoom on the different weavings of a fouta

Zoom on the different weavings of a fouta

flat weavehoneycomb, herringbone, diamond, etc.. There are many types of weaving to make a fouta and for different uses. How to choose the right model, we tell you everything in this article.

The flat weave

To realize the authentic Tunisian fouta, the technique used is that of the flat weave. Traditional weaving, it has become a must today in the manufacture of foutas. Fast drying, space saving and lightness are the main advantages of this type of weaving. As a beach towel, bath towel or sarong, go for the fouta flat weave! At BY FOUTAS, we also offer two other versions of fouta flat weave : XXL and Lurex. The first one measures 2*3 meters and the second one is more chic and luxurious with golden, copper or silver lurex threads.

Honeycomb weaving 

Naturally more absorbent than a classic weave, the honeycomb weave offers a honeycombed and voluminous aspect to the fouta reminding the structure of a honeycomb, hence its name. Flexible, soft and comfortable, the honeycomb weave is frequently used in bath linen, for the sauna or the hammam. And thanks to its tight weave, the honeycomb fouta is not full of sand after a day at the beach ... At By Foutas, we offer two models of fouta honeycomb. A classic version but also a fouta in honeycomb weaving with a wide ecru band reminding the color of sand called sandy fouta.

Weaving herringbone

The weaving of the fouta herringbone, as for him, is characterized by stripes in the shape of V conferring a unique touch and a very pretty visual aspect to him. The weaving alternates between the predominant color of the fouta and a light color such as white, beige or ecru, similar to zigzag.

fouta chevron in a bathroom

The doubled fouta terry

There are three types of foutas lined in terry : the terry, the Kikoï and the one of BY FOUTAS ! We made the choice to adopt a technical process allowing to make a fouta in terry in only one piece of fabric and not two contrary to the others. Thicker than a classic fouta, it benefits from a side in flat weave and another in bouclette terry. This allows to combine the lightness of a fouta with the absorption of a towel terry.

Fouta in terry fir green color hanging in a bathroom - BY FOUTAS

Diamond weaving 

More original weaving, the Diamond also called Losange confers to this fouta more thickness and softness than the classic weavings. Its cotton threads, once woven, form an alignment of diamonds reminiscent of the geometric perfection of diamonds. Both resistant and elegant, the diamond fouta is an excellent beach towel, bath towel but also a decorative object that will fit elegantly into your home.

The peshtemal, the Turkish fouta

If the fouta is recognized as the authentic towel of Tunisian hammams, it finds its equivalent in Turkey under the name of Peshtemal. Used in Turkish baths, the peshtemal is also woven in cotton at BY FOUTAS. The Stone Washed model is, as its name suggests, washed with stone for a softness without equal. The Peshtemal Sofa, on the other hand, is thicker, softer and warmer and will be the ideal plaid to warm up during the cold winter evenings...

Pink fouta, orange fouta, turquoise fouta, duck blue fouta, taupe, grey, etc. At BY FOUTAS, all weavings are available in a wide range of colors for the happiness of all !

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