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Which fouta to choose for the beach ?

Which fouta to choose for the beach ?

Direction the beach! Last check in your bag: sunglasses, sun cream, water bottle... The only thing missing is the fouta! But which one to take among all these pretty models? BY FOUTAS helps you to choose the fouta adapted to your priorities.

You want a light fouta

Your beach bag is already full with all your accessories and, let's face it, it's starting to get heavy. We recommend two models of very light foutas (400g) available in many colors: a fouta flat weave and a fouta honeycomb. In addition to their lightness, they are equipped with a fine weaving which will enable you to roll or fold them without them being voluminous. Another advantage: these foutas for the beach have the classic dimensions of 100 X 200 cm, so there is very little chance that you have your feet in the sand. See our collection of foutas flat weave and foutas honeycomb.

fouta on deckchair

You want a very absorbent fouta

Looking for fast, efficient drying? Don't hesitate to opt for fouta terry unie or fouta terry Cyclades. Their terry lining speeds up your drying time and makes it more pleasant than with a traditional towel. When you get out of the sea, you'll be eager to wrap your body in your soft and pleasant fouta terry. Choose your favorite from all foutas terry colors.

 young woman on fouta terry

You want a fouta that takes up as little space as possible

You're looking for the smallest, most practical and portable fouta you can take with you wherever you go. The Kids fouta will make your day! Its 130x75cm dimensions make it the lightest and most discreet fouta in your bag. But on the beach, it's no less eye-catching with its pretty color variations.

You want a large fouta for the whole family

For the foutas, there is the solo team and the duo team or more. No doubt that you belong to this second team ! With your wife or husband, your children or your friends, share a fouta XXL for a maximum of space and comfort. You will then benefit from 6m² of surface to lie quietly on the beach, minimize the sand on your fouta and keep your neighbors away when the beaches are crowded. This fouta 200 X 300 cm is the ideal towel for the large families or the afficionados of picnic at the beach. It only remains to choose between the striped model Arthur or the classic XXL version.

young woman on beach with foutas herringbone

You want a trendy and original fouta

You like originality, patterns, little touches that make your fouta attract attention? Then the fouta for the beach that most resembles you is probably the mariniere or the fouta herringbone. These designs are clearly out of the ordinary and are not found at every corner of the sand. Be prepared to answer the question, "Where did that cute beach towel come from?" several times. Compare the fouta mariniere and the fouta herringbone to determine which one you prefer.

Everyone has their own vision of the perfect fouta for the beach, but one thing is certain: at BY FOUTAS, we have a complete range of products to allow everyone to sunbathe in peace, dry off quickly and travel lightly.

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