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Quelle fouta choisir pour la plage ?

Quelle fouta choisir pour la plage ?

Lightweight and easy to carry, the fouta is definitely your best ally for a successful beach outing and to replace your traditional sandy terry towel. But which one should you choose among all the models?

Do you want to go for lightness?

Shovels, rakes, buckets, you already carry all the gear for your toddlers to have fun at the beach? Then it is safer to opt for the lightest beach foutas available: the flat weave fouta and the honeycomb fouta. Their fine weave will allow you to roll or fold them without them taking up too much space in your beach bag. Another advantage is that they are beach foutas that measure 100 x 200 cm, so there is very little chance that you will have your feet in the sand.

fouta sur transat

Do you want to dry off quickly?

We all know that moment of intense chill when you're just out of the water and a gust of wind blows across the beach. Fortunately, at BY FOUTAS, we have designed beach foutas with a terrycloth lining to speed up your drying time and make it more pleasant than with a traditional towel. We recommend the plain terry fouta model for this purpose. Unlike the Cyclades model, which we recommend as a bath fouta or hammam fouta.

 jeune femme sur fouta éponge

Do you like wide open spaces and the distance to the beach?

What could be more terrible than a tiny towel! And even more so when your child comes to have his snack right next to you... With an XXL fouta, you benefit from 6m² of surface to spread out quietly, install 3 to 4 people and put your neighbours at a distance (useful on crowded beaches). This fouta 200 X 300 cm is the ideal towel for the large families or the afficionados of picnic at the beach.

Don't want to go unnoticed?

Do you like originality, colour, or when your neighbour asks you "Where did that cute towel come from?" Then the beach fouta that most closely resembles you is probably the sailor or herringbone fouta. These designs are clearly out of the ordinary and not to be found at every corner of the sand. .

jeune femme sur plage avec foutas chevrons

Everyone has their own vision of the perfect beach outing but one thing is certain, at BY FOUTAS we have what it takes to allow you to sunbathe in peace, dry off quickly and travel light.

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