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The personalized fouta, a unique and original gift

The personalized fouta, a unique and original gift

Looking for an original, useful and touching gift? Think of the personalized fouta BY FOUTAS ! Whether for a birth, a baptism, a birthday, a wedding, Mother's Day, Father's Day or any other event, an embroidered fouta will always delight the recipient.

Customize a fouta for guaranteed success!

It is always a pleasure to receive a fouta. But receiving a personalized fouta is even better! The embroidered message adds a more intimate and personal touch to the gift which then becomes unique. It is this attention that will make all the difference and please the lucky recipient.

All occasions are good to offer a personalized fouta

Gift idea for a birthday

Not always easy to find a birthday gift according to the tastes of everyone. But with an embroidered fouta, you are sure to offer a useful and trendy gift! Everyone needs a fouta, whether it's to go to the beach or the pool, to picnic, to wipe off after a shower or to decorate their home. And if it is personalized, you will offer the perfect gift!

The perfect gift for Christmas

Are you looking to make an original gift for Christmas? Offer a fouta embroidered with initials, a name or a message and you will fill your loved ones with joy with very delicate attention. We tell you about it in an article dedicated to fouta as an ideal Christmas gift.

Gift idea for a wedding or wedding anniversary

Timeless gift, an embroidered fouta will undoubtedly delight the newlyweds. Personalized with the date of the wedding or the first names of the couple to add a touch of love, the fouta will easily slip into their suitcase for the honeymoon. Opt for an XXL model so that the lovers remain united even on the sandy beach!

The years pass but the love and the foutas remain... This gift idea is also valid for wedding anniversaries. The embroidered fouta is also the ideal gift for cotton weddings, our foutas being made of recycled cotton.

Gift idea for a birth or a baptism

Celebrate the birth or baptism of a child by offering a personalized fouta with a date or a first name. BY FOUTAS offers foutas kids adapted to children, smaller than the standard sizes. An original and touching gift that will be kept for a long time.

Gift idea for Mother's Day

A Mom is unique and precious... What if you spoil her with a personalized fouta? Choose the message you want to embroider: her first name, a nickname or a little love note. With this gift, you will inevitably make her heart capsize.

Gift idea for Father's Day

Stop the clichés: foutas are not only for women! Your dad will also be delighted to have his own personalized fouta in blue, olive, grey or yellow. He will see the practical side with its lightness and its ease to take everywhere. And when he sees the message you have reserved for him, he will be touched for sure!

Gift idea for a retirement

When you say retirement, you say freedom and vacation for an indefinite period of time! So what could be better than to offer a fouta, a true ode to relaxation? We let you imagine a message on the same theme and it's done! Believe us, the young retiree will only have one thing to do: try it as soon as possible.

Gift idea for an EVJF

Are you looking for a gift that makes a lasting impression for a bachelorette party? Look no further: the embroidered fouta is the perfect gift! Not only because there is a good chance that the bride-to-be and her friends will go to a spa or hammam, or even go to the sun to celebrate the future happy event, but also because it is a precious and trendy accessory that everyone can keep as a souvenir.

Gift idea for a thank you

If you want to give a gift to thank your child's school teacher or nanny, the personalized fouta is perfect. Have a thank you message embroidered on the fouta such as "THANK YOU TEACHER" or "SUPER Nanny". Smiles guaranteed when you discover the present!

The personalized fouta can also be a thank you gift following a festive event or simply to thank someone for helping us. You will give them a nice gift in return for their service.

Gift idea for yourself

Who said personalization was only for giving? At least, not us! Indulge yourself by embroidering a message on your fouta: your first name, a quote that inspires you or words that you love. Create the embroidered fouta that looks like you: unique and authentic.

How to customize a fouta at BY FOUTAS ?

At BY FOUTAS, we present you the widest selection of foutas in recycled cotton. We offer several sizes (classic fouta, XXL or kids), several weaves (flat weave, honeycomb or herringbone) and many colors for all tastes. Another good news ? ALL our models are customizable and this, in the simplest of ways directly on our site.
After choosing the fouta of your dreams, choose the font of your embroidery among the 3 proposed and then enter the message you want to embroider on. First name, date of birth or wedding, declaration of love, quote... Let your imagination run wild! Once validated, your order of personalized foutas is transmitted to our embroidery partner Cécile from "Une fille en France" who will realize with care and delicacy an exceptional hand embroidery.

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