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fouta xxl taupe bedroll - BY FOUTAS

How to invite the fouta in your interior ?

Quality bath towel, the fouta is now invited to decorate our rooms. As a bedspread, at the end of the sofa, as a bath sheet, as a plaid... here are 8 ways to invite the fouta in your interior!

1) In the couch throw

The first idea to integrate your fouta in your interior is to install it on a sofa or on the arm of an armchair. Fold it lengthwise and let it fall nicely on your seat. In the winter, use your fouta as a blanket and in the summer as decorative linen. Summer or winter, enjoy the benefits of this fabric!

fouta xxl 200 x 300 cm in sofa throw

2) As a plaid

Imagine yourself in front of a crackling fire, cozy and comfortable, with a hot drink in hand... All you need is a blanket to make the moment a success! There is nothing more comfortable than slipping under a soft blanket on a cold winter evening. Most foutas are made of cotton and are therefore ideal for use as a blanket. Bring softness to your moments of relaxation and this, all year long thanks to the fouta!

3) On top of the bed

Bring a touch of pep to your bedroom by covering the end of your bed with a pretty colored fouta or a bedspread whose design is inspired by the fouta. Orange fouta, pink fouta, red fouta, etc. Thanks to the many colors that By Foutas offers, play with the sets and compose beautiful assortments to decorate your room in the blink of an eye.

4) In bath linen

Enjoy your fouta all year round by replacing your bath linens with By Foutas ! In a colorful pile to decorate your bathroom cabinet or hung on pegs, you can create a spa-like atmosphere. Thanks to its absorbent properties, its softness and lightness as well as its quick drying, the fouta can become your bathroom linen. At BY FOUTAS, we have created the perfect fouta terry for your bathroom. Using a weaving process that we know well, this fouta will fit easily into your home and will dry as well as a traditional towel.

Fouta terry on sink in a bathroom - BY FOUTAS

5) On a bench in the entrance

If the entrance is not a living room like the living room or the kitchen, it deserves a little decorative touch. Look after your entrance by placing one or more foutas in a pile or falling on one end of your shoe bench for example or by hanging them on pegs. Here too, play with the colors to obtain a pretty palette of colors. Pastels, acidulous, sober, timeless... put some color in your interior thanks to the large choice By Foutas !

6) As a tablecloth

In the kitchen, you can transform your foutas, especially the XXL models, into tablecloths or table runners. Let the small hand-woven fringes fall on the corners of your table to bring a decorative touch to your table.

XXL Fouta in lurex used as a tablecloth on a table

7) As a yoga towel

Who said that a fouta was not made for sports? Certainly not us! If you can take it with you when you go swimming at the pool or work out at the gym, you can also use it for yoga or meditation at home. 

8) In baby linen

Did you think about using your fouta as a linen for your baby ? Yes, as a blanket, a changing mat, a beach towel or a bath towel, baby can also enjoy the comfort of the fouta! Dressed with a wide white band, you can even personalize his linen. So, are you convinced?

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