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The origin of the fouta

The origin of the fouta

Beach towel and fashion accessory widely used in Europe and around the world today, the fouta never ceases to please thanks to its many advantages. But do you know where it comes from? First appearances, origins, uses... discover the history of the fouta!

Where does the term fouta come from ?

The term fouta or foutah was formerly used in India to designate a piece of fabric, a cloth. Since then, its use has spread in North Africa, especially in hammams, and little by little in Europe and throughout the world. No wonder when we discover the colorful palette that foutas offer us today!

What is a fouta ?

Made of woven cotton, a fouta is originally a fabric of 1m x 2m with fringes at the ends and declined in many colors. Thin, light and drying in no time, the fouta becomes quickly essential for the summer and replaces little by little the traditional bath towel. Two-colored, striped, plain, with a white stripe, in XXL size...you will be spoilt for choice at By Foutas.

When trendy rhymes with tradition

To perpetuate the design of this ancestral fabric, there is still and always a craft manufacturing. With the help of a loom, a machine, the fouta is woven with cotton (recycled at By Foutas) then cut to the desired dimensions. Finally, the fringes formed at the ends are braided by hand by the craftswomen.

Its traditional use

Making its appearance in the Tunisian baths, the fouta was used by the men and the women as a sheet of bath which was used to cover their bodies in the hammam. It was attached to the waist as a loincloth to go to the hammam. And it is still the case today in many hotel complexes equipped with saunas, hammams, swimming pools, jacuzzis... 

And what about the peshtemal?

Perhaps you have already heard the term peshtemal? In Turkey, fouta is more commonly known as peshtemal. A little smaller than the fouta and produced in Turkey, the peshtemal was also used in Turkish baths. Absorbent, fast drying, thin, light and aesthetic, the peshtemal offers the same advantages as the fouta! At By Foutas, find the peshtemal Sofa and Stone Washed.

How to use it today?

If the fouta is originally the traditional towel of the hammam in Tunisia, it is very quickly coveted in Europe and in the whole world. It is found on the beaches, at the pool as a pareo and even in the interiors. And yes! In throw of sofa, in throw of bed, in cover, in tablecloth or in bathroom linen, the fouta did not finish surprising us. 

There is something for everyone!

Both fashion accessory and beach towel, the fouta has everything to please. Men, women, children, there are many models according to the tastes of each and many sizes, including the fouta XXL !
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