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Sun lounger mattress - 190 x 60 cm | Sun lounger mattress

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  • 100% recycled cotton ♻ | Dimensions: 190 x 60 cm
  • Weight: 1500g
  • Can be used on a deckchair or on the beach
  • Removable
  • Weaving by hand
  • Free delivery in parcel relays and at home

The deckchair mattress by BY FOUTAS

Discover the new BY FOUTAS deckchair mattresses. Made from recycled cotton, these mattresses measure 190 x 60 cm, offering a spacious and comfortable resting surface.

Their ingenious design includes a removable cover, greatly simplifying maintenance and guaranteeing lasting cleanliness.

Versatile, they're perfect for a variety of uses: install them on a deckchair for added comfort, or deploy them directly on the sand for a nap in the sun or a relaxing moment on the beach.

BY FOUTAS deckchair mattresses combine eco-design and versatility, offering you the very best in sustainable comfort, wherever you are.

Vary the colors of your deckchairs

Discover the range of colors available for BY FOUTAS deckchair mattresses, designed to match every style and preference. With a total of 10 carefully selected colors, our collection ranges from soft, soothing hues to vibrant, dynamic colors. Whether you're looking for ocean blue to evoke the serenity of the sea, passion red to add a touch of energy, or olive green for natural harmony.

BY FOUTAS offers a palette of colors to match your exterior. Make your deckchair a reflection of your personality with BY FOUTAS mattresses, where color rhymes with comfort.

A versatile mattress

BY FOUTAS deckchair mattresses are designed toextend beyond the boundaries of your home or vacation home. Perfect for use on a deckchair or sun lounger, they provide an incomparable touch of softness and support for your moments of relaxation by the pool or in the garden.

But their versatility doesn't stop there: take them to the beach too. Their sturdy design and ease of transport make them the ideal accessory for sitting comfortably on the sand, allowing you to take full advantage of the sun and sea, without sacrificing well-being.

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