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Discover BY FOUTAS

Discover By Foutas through the history of fouta towel 

The history of fouta towel written over time in different countries of the Mediterranean basin around different trades and many uses. This timeless object has become, despite the years, an essential present in all homes, spas and hotels. Origin, manufacturing process, types of weaving, uses, customization, we tell you all about fouta towel, more trendy than ever! ! 

La fouta towel, a traditional hammam bath towel

Formerly used in India to designate a piece of fabric, the fouta towel was better known for its use in Tunisian hammams but also Turkish baths! Men and women used it as a bath towel to cover their body after bathing and to go to the hammams. Today, thanks to its lightness, its aesthetics and its many other advantages, its use has spread widely in Europe and throughout the world ... For more information, seeez our article dedicated to the origins of fouta towel.

How are fouta towels?

The making of fouta towels is very old and continues thanks to ancestral know-how andlocal that we find mainly in Tunisia. They are made using a traditional loom which requires human and skilled intervention. Woven from cotton threads, the fouta towels are complemented by elegant hand-crafted fringes. Available in different colors, they change in feel and thickness depending on the type of weaving used. To learn more about the making of fouta towelss follow this link.

The different types of fouta towel weavinga

There are several types of weaving to make a fouta towel and it is common to find very often flat weaving, honeycomb weaving, herringbone weaving and diamond weaving also called rhombus. At By Foutas, come add original variations such as Lurex fouta towels , with a shiny gold or silver band, and fouta towels foutas, with a wide ecru band reminiscent of the color of sand. In order to enlarge the collection and offer a wider range we have also selected peshtemals, the name given to Turkish fouta towels such as the Stone Washed models washed with the stone for more softness and Sofa. Sofa.

fouta towels in recycled cotton?

Most fouta towels are traditionally made of cotton but there are also some in linen or with a terry face. Did you know that By Foutas used recycled cotton to make your fouta towels? Yes, as part of an upycling process, we use yarn from the recycling of surplus clothing from international ready-to-wear brands. Recycled cotton, of course, but not only! At By Foutas, we care about the environment and therefore favor low-impact modes of transport and recyclable or biodegradable packaging.s.

Many reasons to fall for the fouta towel

Lightness, resistance, finesse, aesthetics, quick drying, ease of transport, comfort, the uses are almost endless and there is no lack of reasons to fall for a fouta towel ! A true ode to relaxation and endowed with ancestral know-how, the fouta towel has become a staple inside and out, summer and winter. So if you haven't yet opted for a fouta towel, now is the time to treat yourself!sir !

Outside: take your fouta towel with you everywhere!

No wonder the fouta towel is gradually replacing the classic bath towel. Light and nomadic, it fits just as well in a beach bag as in a suitcase or a backpack. No more big bath towels that take up half of our suitcases thanks to the thin thickness of the fouta towels ! Colorful, it can be used as a beach towel, in spas, as a sarong or at the edge of a swimming pool. Practical and functional, turn your fouta towel into a picnic tablecloth or a changing towel for baby. Wherever you are, take your fouta towel with you! The must-have La fouta towel XXL to be able to enjoy convivial moments together at the beach or in the park as a picnic tablecloth.ue.

How to invite fouta towel into our interiors?

If the fouta towel is more and more widespread on beaches, in hotel complexes or spas, it is gradually making its way into our interiors by blending wonderfully into the different styles of decoration. No wonder when we see its many variations, colors and possible uses! Whether you have a bohemian-style interior, with a Scandinavian decor, an industrial loft style or rather a seaside atmosphere, the fouta towel blends in perfectly with the decor while enhancing a room in the blink of an eye with a little touch.che. At the end of the sofa, as a bed throw, in bath linen or as a plaid, dress your interior with one or more fouta towels. Colorful shades, pastel colors, timeless tones Do not hesitate to vary the colors to make your interior a real space full of life!! Discover 8 ways to invite fouta towel into your home here.

Personalization to have fun and offerir

Did you think about personalizing your fouta towel? Yes, at By Foutas, we like to please you and your loved ones. Indeed, the fouta towel is an excellent gift to offer to those around you or to offer yourself and even more so that it can be personalized! Professional events, baptisms, birthdays, guest or corporate gift any occasion is good to offer a personalized fouta towel to a loved one, a colleague or a client. Choose the customization of your fouta towels by choosing the model to personalize, a font and a text to embroider.roder.

By Foutas, much more than a simple fouta towel !!

Beyond the manufacture of fouta towels, By Foutas immerses you in a real universe of ancestral values and know-how. Behind By Foutas, there are men and women with real skills, working every day to make magnificent fouta towels. By Foutas is also a human-sized structure, close to its community and adapting itself daily to needs and new, constantly evolving uses. We also make sure to offer a wide choice of colors, patterns and weaves so that everyone can find the fouta towel of their dreams! Flat weaving, Honeycomb, Chevrons, Sandblasted, Lurex, Sofa ... and if you took a look at our different collections of fouta towelsas ?

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