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Fouta éponge posée sur une chaise de jardin

10 reasons to fall in love with a fouta BY FOUTAS

Lightness, aesthetics, well-being, beach, swimming pool, holidays ... The fouta is a true ode to relaxation and can be used both outdoors and indoors! Discover our top 10 reasons to replace your traditional towels with a bath towel or a beach towel.

1) An aesthetic bath towel:

Elegant and colorful, the fouta has become a real alternative to the beach towel or bathroom linen classic. Different weaves, colors and patterns, this beautiful fabric is designed to bring style to your moments of relaxation.

2) A light towel:

Thanks to its lightness, the fouta can be carried everywhere. At the beach, at the swimming pool, when traveling, on weekends… Don't leave without your fouta! The little extra? It can also be worn as a pareo over your swimsuit when you go to the beach or to a spa.

3) A guaranteed space saving:

Compact towel, the fouta has the advantage of taking up very little space in a suitcase, in your beach bag or in your wardrobes. So say goodbye to your old bath towel and fall for a fouta!

4) A nomadic towel:

Both thin and light but also very resistant, you will appreciate having it always at hand and you can take it everywhere. Don't go on a trip or to the beach without your fouta !

5) Quick drying:

No more damp towels which take a long time to dry and which sometimes smell damp ... Thanks to its weaving and the quality of its recycled cotton, it dries very, very quickly!

6) An artisanal product that brings craftsmen to life:

Woven thanks to traditional and ancestral know-how, foutas allow Tunisian craftsmen to meet the needs of their families. Buying a BY FOUTAS fouta therefore contributes to a virtuous model.

7) Wider dimensions:

If a classic beach towel generally measures 100 x 175 cm, the traditional fouta, on the other hand, measures 100 x 200 cm. At By Foutas, we respect this size to offer you as much comfort as possible. You will also find a collection of large format foutas called XXL foutas (200 X 300 cm) to share moments of relaxation with your family during a picnic or vacation by the sea!

8) An invitation to relax:

The different weavings of the fouta are all imagined for the well-being of everyone. Flat weave, honeycomb, chevron ... offer exceptional comfort. Suitable for relaxation, the fouta is a must for your moments of rest.

9) An introduction to hygge:

Do you know what hygge is? A philosophy of life straight from Denmark, hygge advocates the small, simple pleasures of life. Dress your seats with foutas here and there to create small cocooning spaces in a warm interior.

10) Can be used outside but also in interior decoration:

Multi-purpose, the fouta can be worn as a sarong as well as be part of your decoration. A real decorative element, it will fit perfectly into your interior as bed throw or sofa throw , plaid or tablecloth. In particular the XXL fouta with its dimensions of 200 x 300 cm. It will bring a decorative touch to your bathroom, living room or dining room.

Bonus: an ideal gift

Very trendy gift, the personalized fouta is often offered for a birth, a wedding, a birthday or any other occasion. The embroidered fouta is very elegant and always pleases those who receive it.

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