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Fouta Kids - 75 x 130 | Beach Towel

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  • 100% recycled cotton ♻ | Dimensions: 130 x 75 cm
  • Weight: 200g | Grammage/m²: 182g
  • Handcrafted weaving and fringes hand-knotted
  • Customizable with high-quality embroidery (dispatch within 3 to 5 days) 
  • Free delivery from 49€

Zoom on the Fouta Kids Classic

The BY FOUTAS family is growing!

The new Fouta Kids Classic in flat weave is the ultimate kids towel .

Very light, absorbent and quick drying, this small fouta of 75 x 130 cm will perfectly wrap the youngest. Compact and taking up little space, it will be just as ideal as a guest towel.

Comfort is also assured, thanks to its unique material that prevents sand from sticking.

4 children at a poolside wearing foutas of various colors - BY FOUTAS

Designed in France and manufactured in Ksar Hellal in Tunisia, this fouta for children has been woven from 100% recycled cotton yarns from the surplus of ready-to-wear brands.

The Fouta Kids was made on traditional looms, with an ancestral know-how.

Each fouta braid is elaborated by hand by craftswomen wishing to bring a complementary income to their homes, following our will of responsible and engaged production.

The child fouta is packaged in a recycled and recyclable packaging, and shipped in a compostable envelope.

Fouta flat weave personalized with embroidery - BY FOUTAS

Customize your fouta

For a birthday, a wedding, a birth, or simply to please yourself, have a Fouta flat weave embroidered with a personalized message.
Our embroiderer, based in France, will realize for you an exceptional embroidery, delivered within 5 working days.

Location of the embroidery
Centered, in the lower white band of the fouta.

3 fonts to choose from (from left to right): British, Shift, Pop.

Color of the embroidery
Thread of the same color as your fouta (except particular request, to specify at the time of your order).

20 characters maximum

How to maintain your fouta ?

Wash your fouta once at 30° before the first use. It does not fade, so you can mix it with your household linen.

Wash at 30° and let it dry in the open air. This will preserve the fringes craftsmanship.

Your fouta will become softer and more absorbent with each wash.

An embroidered fouta can be maintained in the same way as a fouta without embroidery.

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