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The world of fouta BY FOUTAS

Discover BY FOUTAS through the history of the fouta 

The history of the fouta has been written over time in different countries of the Mediterranean basin including Tunisia and Turkey, around multiple trades and through many uses. This timeless object has become and remained over the years, an essential present in all homes, spas and hotels. Origin, manufacturing process, types of weaving, uses, customization ... we tell you everything about the fouta, more than ever trendy! 

The fouta : the traditional towel of hammam

The first foutas appeared in India: it is thus that one named a kind of fabric, a piece of fabric being used to cover the body. But the fouta has known a real boom in Tunisia and Turkey, especially for its use as a towel by women and men at the exit of the hammams and Turkish baths! Today, thanks to its lightness, its modern look and its many other assets, the fouta has spread widely in Europe and around the world. To know more about it, consult our article dedicated to the origins of the fouta.

How are the foutas made?

The manufacture of foutas goes back a long way, and is perpetuated by ancestral, local know-how found mainly in Tunisia. They are made using a traditional loom that requires skilled human intervention. Woven from cotton yarns (recycled cotton at BY FOUTAS), foutas are complemented by elegant fringes handmade by craftswomen. An incomparable art form! Available in a range of colors, they change in feel, pattern and thickness according to the weave used. To find out more about how foutas are made, click here.

The different types of weaving of a fouta

There are several types of weave for making fouta. flat weave is a staple of all fouta manufacturers, but honeycomb and herringbone weaves are becoming increasingly popular. And it's easy to see why: their pretty patterns offer a chic, trendy touch. At BY FOUTAS , we've also added original variations such as Lurex foutas, with a shiny gold or silver band. So that these trendy products no longer hold any secrets for you, discover the different weaves of foutas.

Many reasons to fall for a fouta

Lightness, resistance, thinness, aestheticism, fast drying, ease of transport, comfort... You will have understood, the fouta offers many advantages! Real ode to relaxation, modern product resulting from an ancestral know-how, the fouta became an essential inside and outside, summer and winter. So if you haven't yet opted for a fouta, now is the time to treat yourself! And if you're still hesitating, read our top 10 reasons to give in to the charms of foutas.

The fouta, outside and inside

We know the fouta mainly for its outdoor use and especially as a beach towel. But you would be surprised to discover that the fouta has multiple functions, and not only outside.

Outdoor : take your fouta with you everywhere !

No wonder the fouta is gradually replacing the classic bath towel. Lightweight and nomadic, they slip just as easily into a beach bag as into a suitcase or backpack. No more big towels taking up a lot of space in our suitcases, thanks to the thinness of foutas! Practical, isn't it? Colorful and pretty, it can be used as a beach towel, in spas, as a pareo or poolside. Don't underestimate the power of fouta: functional, it can also be used as a picnic tablecloth (opt for the XXL model) or as a baby change towel. Wherever you go, take your fouta with you! 

How to invite the fouta in your interior ?

If the fouta is more and more widespread on the beaches, in the hotel complexes or spas, it invites itself progressively in our interiors by integrating wonderfully in the various styles of decoration. It's not surprising when you see the many patterns, colors and sizes! There is something for everyone. Whether you have a bohemian style interior, Scandinavian decor, industrial loft style, seaside atmosphere or simply classic, the fouta blends perfectly into the decor while enhancing a room in the blink of an eye. At the end of a sofa, as a bed throw, as bath linen, as a plaid or even as curtains, there are many ways to use your fouta in your home that we invite you to discover here.

The fouta at the heart of your activities

Certainly, the fouta is your ideal ally for the idleness and the relaxation. But it is also ideal for all your indoor and outdoor activities. Boating, surfing, yoga, pilates... It accompanies you everywhere: in the gym during the activity or in the locker room, on your boat for your sea outings or in saunas or hammams, to perpetuate the tradition. 

Turn your fouta into a sarong

On the beach or by the pool, your fouta is the perfect bath towel. But that's not all... Use it as a trendy piece of clothing by transforming it into a pareo. With all the different shades available, there's bound to be a fouta to match the color of your swimsuit. Follow our advice on how to tie a fouta into a pareo.

The fouta, the ideal gift for your loved ones (and you!)

A useful and attractive gift, the fouta is an excellent choice for pleasing loved ones or yourself. Multifunctional, it will find a place for everyone, indoors or out. The little extra? Personalize your fouta! BY FOUTAS lets you embroider a name or message to make your gift unique! There's no doubt that the person who receives it will be touched by this thoughtful gesture. Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birth, christening, wedding, retirement, bachelorette party... any event is a good time to offer a personalized fouta that's sure to please!

The fouta for companies

What if you offered a fouta to your employees, your customers or your collaborators? The fouta is THE trendy gift! Embroidered with your company name or your logo, to thank your partners or to create wonder during a particular event, the personalized fouta BY FOUTAS will delight everyone. Moreover, by offering a fouta, you make the choice of an eco-responsible gift made according to an ethical model.

The story of BY FOUTAS

BY FOUTASIt's much more than a simple fouta! Beyond the manufacture of this multifunctional and trendy object, BY FOUTAS plunges you into a real universe of values and ancestral know-how. Behind each fouta, there are men and women with real skills, working every day to make your beautiful foutas. BY FOUTAS is also a human-sized structure orchestrated by David Weinling and Augustin Prudhomme, close to its community and adapting daily to the needs and new uses in constant evolution. We also take care to propose a large choice of colors, models and weavings so that everyone can find the fouta of his dreams!

The foutas BY FOUTAS : responsible and ethical model

Most foutas are traditionally made of cotton but there are also some made of linen or with a side of terry. At BY FOUTAS, we have chosen recycled cotton to make our foutas. Indeed, as part of an upcycling approach, we use yarn from the recycling of surplus clothing from international ready-to-wear brands. Our foutas are made in a Tunisian cooperative near Monastir, in the respect of the women and men who work there, with a fair remuneration. Craftswomen knot the fringes by hand, which gives them an additional income for their household. Concerned about the environment, we favor low-impact transport and recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

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